Private Mortgage Bank Wells Fargo

We are a full service mortgage lender serving the entire United States as we are licensed in all 50 states. I am certified to do mortgage loans in NY State which takes a special course.

I am a native of North Carolina who has traveled through the US and overseas.

As a 25 year veteran of banking and finance I am well versed in financial analysis and mortgages.

We are well known as the top jumbo mortgage lender which is loans over $417,000 but we also have extremely attractive programs with down payments as low at 3%.

As a mortgage professional, I originate purchase money loans and refinance mortgages as well as second mortgage financing.

We service all our loans so your mortgage will not be sold.

I offer personal service to take my clients from origination to closing.

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Stacey B. Pierce
Private Mortgage Banker, Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Bank
Main: 704-896-2409
Mobile: 704-634-6512
Email: [email protected]