The Lake Norman Executive Board is one of the oldest and most prestigious networking groups in the Greater Charlotte area. Membership is highly selective.

The Lake Norman Executive Board (LKNXB) consists of a strategic make-up of category exclusive five star businesses dedicated to providing the highest quality products or services in Lake Norman. All of our members are carefully vetted and selected based on reputation, experience, and contributions to the local business community. Each member is either an owner or decision maker with multiple years of experience, and all are highly vested in the customers they serve.  No member is accepted without multiple references, as well as a personal recommendation from another member.  Because of our highly selective process and category exclusivity requirement, most applicants are not accepted, but all business owners and members of the business community are welcome to attend a weekly meeting.

When you attend an executive board meeting, be prepared to learn and grow.  Our members understand the importance of not just getting the message out, but getting the right message in front of the right people, the movers and shakers of the business community, and presenting in a way that is accurate, informative, and entertaining.

When you refer an executive board member’s business to a member of your community, you can be sure of the quality and results you would expect from a well established company with a long standing reputation.  We look forward to meeting you!